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About McNeil House

Rooms and Layout

McNeil House is laid out on two open-plan floors. On the ground floor there are five bedrooms all with direct access to the garden. All bedrooms are twin rooms, most at present being under single occupancy. The laundry is also on the ground floor. A lift (an elevator, suitable for wheelchairs) connects with the upper floor.

Upstairs we have a large and comfortable sitting room, and a quiet room for the anyone wishing to study Christian Science. Also on the first floor we have a lovely dining room overlooking the garden, the kitchen, the office, and a further bedroom.

Meals and Facilities

At McNeil House we offer full board, with personal food tastes taken seriously, all housework and laundry completed by our competent staff, and all heating, lighting and hot water provided. A person living at McNeil House may either live as part of our very small community, or be as much on his/her own as is wished, and freely participate in the wider community which Edinburgh offers.

Full Board consists of:-
  • Breakfast: Served either in the Dining Room, or in your own room
  • 10:00 Coffee in the Sitting Room
  • 12:30 Lunch in the Dining Room
  • 15:30 Afternoon tea in the Sitting Room
  • 18:00 Supper in the Dining Room
Vegetarian and other diets are happily accommodated, and we like to be able to offer our residents their favourite foods wherever possible. You may take meals in your own room if preferred.

Domestic Arrangements

For Permanent Residents:
  • Room cleaned thoroughly weekly, also serviced or refreshed daily as required
  • Beds changed weekly. (Either own bedding or our linen may be used).
  • Laundry, including personal items, is generally washed and ironed once a week when the room is cleaned, but can be done more often if required.
If preferred, residents may wash and dry personal items by hand in their own bathrooms.


The Sitting Room is equipped with a television, and residents can bring their own together with DVD player, computer etc. The TV aerial connects to the Freesat service, and could also provide a signal to a Sky box. You may also wish to bring other items of furniture - each such request will be considered individually.


Each room has a telephone extension. Calls may easily be made by dialling 9 for an outside line. Incoming calls are answered in the office and transferred to the room requested. Personal calls from Residentsí rooms are charged according to the time registered, and charged monthly. The house has good reception for most major UK mobile airtime providers.


We are able to offer all the above for either long stay or short stay guests who confirm that they are members of The Mother Church and/or members of a Christian Science Branch Church or Society, and that they are free from the use of drugs and medication of all kinds, relying wholly on the teachings of Christian Science.

Care and Independence

It is regretted that under the Care Laws of Scotland we are not allowed to offer either Nursing care or Personal care. We do not employ Christian Science Nurses or Nursing Aides, and staff are employed to do housework, serve meals, and be as helpful as possible, but they are not trained to offer care or nursing care. Those residing here must be mobile, be it with a walking stick or frame, and must be able to attend to their own bathing and toileting.

However, it is understood that a person requiring a small amount of personal care may arrange this with a suitable agency on a private basis while staying at McNeil House. The Board of Directors of McNeil Trust request that the resident and/or their relatives will take responsibility for this measure in accordance with the:-
Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002.
An application of an emergency nature would be looked at most sympathetically, while taking the above criteria into account. It would then be possible to say whether the person could be admitted to McNeil House or would require care at one of the Christian Science Houses for Nursing Care. It would also be a possibility that hospital admission could be required until further arrangements could be made.

We hope that this information is helpful, and we are more than happy to try and answer any further questions that may arise.


The house has someone on duty 24/7.

Other Details

Residents are welcome to have friends visit and may request coffee, afternoon tea and/or meals if they so wish. There is a charge for this service.

Use of the garage or a parking space can be arranged if required.

For company, charity and contact details, please see the contact page.

Please see tariff for our rates, and for payment methods.

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