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McNeil Trust was established in 1946. In 1955 the property known as ‘Goodtrees’ in Kinellan Road was acquired. The property was renamed McNeil House to commemorate Mary Baker Eddy’s Great Grandfather’s name. On 23rd May 1957 the first guests arrived at McNeil House which then provided nursing care and provision for rest and study. In 1986, the decision was made to stop nursing at McNeil House but it continued to welcome guests for rest and study as well as long term residents.

Goodtrees house

In 2010 the ‘old’ house and a portion of the grounds were sold releasing equity allowing the ‘new’ McNeil House to be built in its current beautiful architectural style. On August 23rd 2012 the ‘new’ McNeil House opened and welcomed guests and long term residents.

McNeil House continues to provide an opportunity for Christian Scientists visiting Edinburgh to find spiritual rest, renewal, and regeneration.